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on April 6, 2011 at 3:58:53 pm

SuperHappyDevHouse SG (SHDH.SG)



SHDH is an all day and all night hackfest and party that combines serious and not-so-serious productivity with a fun and exciting party atmosphere. There's beer, food, fun projects, lightning talks and many more! Originally started in Silicon Valley in 2005.


-> Join Now, it's free <-


When: Saturday May 14, 2011, 2pm till Sunday 9am

Where: The Pigeonhole, 52 Duxton Road (gothere.sg map)

Who: Geeks, Hackers, Startups, and Creative Thinkers — it's FREE


Follow us here:


Who's attending (and please list what you're working on):

  1. Wong Joon Ian, e27 (@JoonIan)
  2. Meng Weng Wong, hackerspace.sg (@mengwong
  3. Bernard Leong (@bleongcw
  4. Jeff Paine, Battle Ventures (@jpaine)
  5. Isaac Timothy, SGEntrepreneurs
  6. Matt Rigbye (@mattrigbye
  7. @nazroll
  8. @erickohsg 
  9. Owen Jones 
  10. John FX Berns (@jfxberns)
  11. Daniel Cerventus (@cerventus)
  12. Richard Korff (@korffr
  13. Husein Choroomi (@hchoroomi)
  14. Yaoquan, FlickEvents (@yaoquan)
  15. Nia Mutiara, graduating NTS Comp Sci (@niamutiara
  16. Nav, buUuk (@isnav)
  17. Lim Cheng Soon, Hacker Monthly (@bearwithclaws
  18. Mohit Aggarwal (@mohit_a)
  19. Patrick Haller (patrick.haller.ws)
  20. Mike Nguyen
  21. Lim Chee Aun
  22. Chin Yong
  23. Div
  24. David Wang
  25. Angad Singh
  26. Carl Coryell-Martin
  27. Knight
  28. Arul Kumaran
  29. Seymour Cakes
  30. Espen Antonsen
  31. Arpit 
  32. Rahim 
  33. Jeremy Foo
  34. Ng
  35. James Norris
  36. Nai
  37. eugene fabian
  38. Mohd Hisham
  39. Tommy Ng
  40. Wilfred Phua
  41. Nico Hiort af Ornäs
  42. Kevin
  43. Vikram Verma
  44. Tan Shiaw Uen
  45. Erwan Mace
  46. Derek 
  47. Calvin Cheng
  48. Ankit
  49. Shawn Foo
  50. John Chang
  51. Bastian
  52. Adrian Quek
  53. Andrew Ching
  54. Kritsada Klaimak
  55. Sony AK
  56. Chris Foo Ce-Wei
  57. Anh
  58. Samir
  59. Taro Fox
  60. John Alvero
  61. Steve Sng
  62. Philipp Schumann
  63. Quang Minh Dao
  64. Aen Tan
  65. Shao Hong
  66. Muh Hon Cheng
  67. Shubham Goyal 
  68. [add yourself here, else we gotta port from sign up list] 





This has been a SuperHappyDevHouse production.  Since 2005.




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