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Saved by Vinnie Lauria
on June 23, 2012 at 7:44:42 pm

SuperHappyDevHouse (SHDH.SG)


SHDHSG#2 SUCCESS! (updated 23 June)


JOIN the Decompression event at Hackerspace June 26


The hacker community came, saw and KICKED ASS. The all-day, all-night hackathon was an unmitigated success: we developed projects, collaborated with new developers and programmers, ate free food, drank amazing coffee and imbibed way, WAY too much alcohol. The tech community is #winning. We'll be sending out a newsletter with some interesting stats, along with some news about our upcoming Decompression Wrap-Up. \


But if you're really hankering for some stats: just check out our Post-Event SHDH #2 Notes.


Got Pictures? Be sure to link to any albums, be they Flickr, Facebook or anything else, to the comments section of the aforementioned link so we can use them in preparation of our wrap up!


Be proud! You're part of one of the fastest-growing, dynamic tech startup communities in the world.


SHDH is an all day and all night hackfest and party that combines serious and not-so-serious productivity with a fun and exciting party atmosphere. There's beer, food, fun projects, lightning talks and many more! Originally started in Silicon Valley in 2005.


-> Signup for Announcements <-




Big thanks to Tribal DDB Singapore (@TribalDDBsg) for making this possible!


And please:


More Information:


Previous SHDH.SG #1 Links:


SHDHSG#2 Supporters:
















Who is attending SHDH.SG #2:

(You only need to RSVP once, either here or at the Facebook event page. Doesn't matter) 

  1. Vinnie Lauria @vlauria
  2. Adrianna Tan @skinnylatte
  3. Nigel Hembrow 
  4. David Weekly  @dweekly
  5. Washington Irving
  6. Sayanee, sayan.ee 
  7. Chinmay, @ntt 
  8. Div, @div_arora
  9. Eli James, @ejames_c 
  10. Steven Goh, @crazygrape 
  11. Asher Devang, www.smove.sg 
  12. Thomas Kister
  13. Owen Jones 




Special Thanks:

  • Patrick Haller
  • Alarice Soh
  • Chris Basil
  • Jack Lim
  • Ivan Zimine
  • Frederic Sardou 


SHDH Friends helping out:






This has been a SuperHappyDevHouse production.  Since 2005.

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