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Project Ideas for SHDH SG 1

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on May 11, 2011 at 9:51:12 am

Yes, it's true SHDH is an awesomely fun party, but it's also a day to hack together fun and interesting projects with friends or fellow hackers you meet at the party.  (above hack courtsey of seeifixedit)


Some interesting past projects from Silicon Valley have included:

  • verylongurl.com (now offline) - the opposite of tinyurl, a fun little hack that turned into something postive for SEO reasons.  Built in Cupertino at shdh20.
  • slut-o-meter.com (now offline) - put two people's names into this service and it'll return who's slutter based on the ratio of censored google results.  Built in Hillsborough at shdh7.


List your Project Ideas:

Please list your ideas for a fun project that could be built (or just started) within a few hours.  You don't have to commit yourself to the idea, but it's nice to have a few listed before the event to help get ideas flowing.


  • HungryGoThere - The name says it all...
  • One Sign Up To Rule Them All -  Solving the problem with using multiple RSVP systems 
  • Mr and Miss Startup Singapore -  Vote who's the HOTTEST in SG startup scene
  • Strength 5 - Lets shame our carriers. 
  • Timelapse iPhone app - Create a timelapse video with an iPhone mounted on tripod
  • InstaMosaic - Create SHDH merlie sticker via Instagram photos
  • Augmented Reality SHDH Merlie - Make SHDH merlie come alive!
  • Projections - Interactive projections
  • WallTube Request - Unpredictable YouTube video request via tweets 
  • Guess the ___ Character - You assume the identity of a tv character, somebody famous, etc. and this service guesses who you are through yes/no questions.
  • SuperHappy Chicken! - A simple webpage/app that allows attendees to check-in at SHDH and a post a brief message for all to see.
  • WikiToGo - Offline versions of wikipedia, wikitravel, etc. for your iphone or droid (this exists on iphone, but it can be improved and there is no android version)
  • Smarter Magic 8 Ball - Ask it a question, it does a few google searches and then gives you a Magic 8 Ball answer
  • PowerPoint Ramen - Just like instant noodles, but for powerpoint.  Plug in a few keywords and phrases and it automagically generates a full fledged presentation for you.
  • URL Shortener on Diet - Creates the slimmest shortened URLs!
  • Something around GIS - there's lots of data available from SLA from http://www.sla.gov.sg/htm/ser/ser05.htm
  • App against App - Every Web App enters the ring... only one shall exit (per month).  
  • BrutalHonestTweets!  - Anyone can make a page and invite their followers to give them Brutally Honest Anonymous Feedback.
  • IdeaIncubator - A place for ideas people to capture, incubate and develop and share their ideas.  
  • Something Beautiful Today - Cross platform mobile app to click and share photos of what makes you happy and motivates you and see what makes others happy.
  • This versus That - Where HotOrNot meets Hunch. Compare things quickly and efficiently. 
  • [ADD YOUR PROJECT IDEA, LINK, DESCRIPTION, & YOUR NAME HERE.  And save your to the Projects Folder] 



FREE Hosting & Resources for building Projects

Web Hosting/Storage:


And for all you business folks out there, Google released an Android development kit that is litterally drag and drop for business logic - Google Android App Inventor 




Lightning Talks

During the evening we'll feature a Lightning Talks session where you'll have a few minutes to present what you hacked up, get feedback, and maybe share some laughs.  If you have something else other then a project you'll be hacking up at SHDH that you'd like to mention, please email vinnie@shdh.sg to see about getting into the schedule.





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