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Proposed by: Gabriel Kang


"... One SIgn Up To Rule Them All ..."


I signed up for the event on THIS website.

I also RSVP'ed on Facebook.


Perhaps some event organizers also use alternative event sign up tools and other social networks to cater to an even wider audience such as:

EventBriteregonline.sgamiandoMySpace , LinkedIn , Meetup and so on...



"... One Sign Up To Find Them ..."



The dilemma arrives when it is time to tabulate the "attendance projections" to cater for F&B, space constraints, fire safety regulations, etc.


Living in Singapore/Asia we also have the additional complication of having unstandardized naming conventions, far far more complicated then the usual "First Name, Last Name" convention used by western civilization. 



For example:


Indian name - Rajoogopal son of Palavandran (Often shortened to Rajoogopal s/o Palavandran, sometimes omitting the "s/o" completely)

Chinese name - Tan Tock Seng (Written in Pinyin/Romanized)

Westernized Chinese Name - David Tan Tock Seng (Sometimes shortened to David Tan)

Slightly Less Westernized Chinese Name - Tan Tock Seng, David

Caucasian Name - Stamford Raffles (Let's leave out the middle names shall we?)



"... One Sign Up To Bring Them All ..."



To add more complication to an already complicated world, not all chinese names are presented the same way by the very same person. A person may use his full name on Facebook to assist in name searches but use only his shortened name everywhere else, making it appear as a duplicate entry in the database (once the databases from multiple sources are eventually merged to form a Master List)


Hence a worthy challenge that begs the touch of creative coding and a little bit of fun.






"... And In The Darkness, Bind Them!"


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