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Strength 5

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I want to do this by Jeremy Foo


Smartphones can connect to the internet... GREAT! However, the carriers that provide the internet might not be really giving it their best at this internet thing.


Strength 5 is a crowd sourced geo spatial database of areas with problematic signal reception, internet connectivity etc. Or a really technical way to shame the carriers into doing better with their service.


Largely inspired by AT&T's Mark the Spot iPhone app, Strength 5 is supposed to be a cross platform reporting tool for Smartphone reception and connectivity.


There are 3 components to this project,

  • Web app
  • REST based API 
  • Mobile Clients (iPhone, Android, Palm, etc. etc.) 


So far, the things that should be recorded are,

  • Class of Device
  • Model 
  • Operating System
  • OS version 
  • Signal Strength (RSSI, or averaged out signal strength)
  • Location
  • UTC Time
  • MNC/MCC information 
  • Problems related
    • No internet connectivity
    • No coverage
    • Dropped Call
    • Slow Internet connectivity 
  • Type of area (Travelling, indoor, outdoor, etc.)
  • Additional Notes


In order to encourage legit submissions, users of the app will have to sign up for an account. To add more validity and reputation to claims of bad network reception, they will have to tie their Social networking accounts to the system as well. In going with the shaming of carriers, users should also be able to share their reports to their social networking accounts.


As this is a network enabled tool in situations where the network doesn't appear to be reliable, there should be localized caching of submissions in order for submissions when the network is alive. Consequently, there is need for duplicate detection either via unique IDs or some sort of hash of a particular submission.


Also, make the app easy to use. This should be usable by all sorts of people so think about accessibility as well. INTERNATIONALISATION IS A MUST BECAUSE THIS SHOULD BE GLOBAL AS WELL.


Personally I'd like to explore the following technologies for a start,


This is all I've got from my brain as of now. Feel free to add stuff after the buzz. - Jeremy


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Comments (2)

Meng Weng Wong said

at 2:00 pm on May 6, 2011

So it turns out Apple has probably already been doing this for a while ...

Jeremy Foo said

at 9:09 pm on May 8, 2011

oh? any references?

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