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What is SuperHappyDevHouse

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photo from San Jose Mecury News


SuperHappyDevHouse (SHDH) is a bi-monthly event started in SiliconValley in 2005.  The name conveys two ideas; first that this is a ‘Development House’ where technical developers will come together to build fun projects and presents them. Second is that it is a social event, fun to attend, and a great way to meet potential partners, new hires, or even just to make new friends.  The event has gone global and SHDH’s have been hosted in dozens of cities around the world. This will be the first SHDH in Asia and guests will be coming in from neighboring countries.  Read news coverage from an early SHDH in Silicon Valley.


How did SHDH.SG come together?

The idea came together when Vinnie Lauria (a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and event organizers) met with Jason Ong, a tech event organizer in SG.  As they were comparing the two cities, it came up that although there were prior 'hackathon' type events in SG (barcamp, etc.), there hadn't been something that shared the 'social party' nature of some of the events in Silicon Valley, namely, Super Happy Dev House, which is half hackathon, half party, mingling over drinks into the night.  Adrianna Tan joined on shortly after to help add that extra creative spark needed to run a fun SHDH.


What does SHDH.Sg aim to accomplish?

To further propel the thriving tech scene in Singapore by bringing: hackers, entreprenuers, students, and creative people together to form new friendships and working relationships.  NUS Hackers posted Vinnie's perspective of the Singapore startup scene compared to Silicon Valley along with some suggestions to accelarate growth in the startup community.

Who is the target audience?
We're estimating 150-200 people spread throughout the day,

  • Web startups & entrepreneurs
  • Developers working at corporate organizations
  • Soon to be graduating students from NUS, NTU, and SMU in the Computer Science, IT, and MBA programs
  • Creative people in the interactive multimedia space, from artists to graphic designers
  • Venture capitalists, angel investors, and incubators
  • Singaporean press, bloggers, and social media enthusiasts


"Rough" Agenda:
SHDH is a party after all, so there's no conference like agenda, but we'll roughly be following this format.  A great play-by-play in written up here.

  • 2pm - SHDH.SG starts.  Bring your laptop, grab a seat, grab a drink, and talk to the other hackers and see what sounds fun to hack up (check out the projects page).  The organizers will be minginging helping to introduce people to each other.
  • 7pm'ish - Food!  Dinner will be provided, people will be drinking, socializing, and talking shop.
  • 9pm'ish - Lightning Talks - Any projects hacked up durning the day can be presented and shared (few minutes each).  We'll also reserve a few slots for interesting speakers (if you have something you want to talk about, please email vinnie@shdh.sg before hand)
  • 10/11pm - Hackers return to hacking, socializers return to socializing, music is playing, and the party heats up.
  • Late night/wee-morning - Hackers are hacking, late-night party'ers are hanging (possibly debating programming languages, music, monetization models, or the generic late night/early morning story telling
  • 7am'ish - For those who made it through the night, we'll get breakfast, talk shop, tell funny stories, and kick back over coffee and food.





Event Info for distribution:
SuperHappyDevHouse is the premier hackathon event from Silicon Valley that combines serious and not-so-serious productivity with a fun and exciting party atmosphere. SuperHappyDevHouse is a non-exclusive event intended for creative and curious people interested in technology. We're about knowledge sharing, technology exploration, and ad-hoc collaboration. Come to have fun, build things, learn things, and meet new people. It's called hacker culture, and we're here to encourage it. Attendees include: Meng Wong of Hackerspace, the organizers of e27 & SGEntreprenuer, and dozens of great hackers.

RSVP at http://www.SuperHappyDevHouse.sg

When: Saturday May 14, 2pm till Sunday 9am
Where: The Pigeonhole, 52 Duxton Road, Singapore
Who: Geeks, Hackers, Web Startups, and Creative Thinkers - it’s FREE.




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