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Smarter Magic 8 Ball

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A 'Magic 8 Ball' is a classic fortune telling toy that you ask a question, shake, and it gives you an answer.  I'm sure there are millions of versions of this on the web, but why not use the power of Google's Machine intelligence to make a smarter 8 ball?


How can we use google to make it smarter?  

Simple, just send google the person's question, and append 'yes', 'no', 'maybe', 'i don't know', etc. onto the question.  Search google with each question/phrase seperatly and see which one yields the greatest number of google results!




The project is pretty straight forward, so shouldn't take long to build and people can start having fun with it immediatily.


twit to @meaningful and he will heroku sharing:add you!



People Involved:

  • Vinnie Lauria @vlauria (added the project idea)
  • @wizztjh 
  • Yasith @meaningful 
  • Interested in hacking it up?  [please add your name below]



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