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PowerPoint Ramen

Page history last edited by Vinnie Lauria 12 years, 7 months ago


Many of the 'hip' presenters these days, have powerpoint presentations that are simply a series of photos, with one or two words thrown up on the slides.  Now they're not random photos like at Powerpoint KTV, but something built off an actual outline.


The idea is this, you put together an outline for a presentation.  Maybe 20 slides, each with a few words of what you'll be talking about.  Copy and paste those into this service which then performs a Creative Commons image search on google, flickr, or other services to pull in your photos - automatically choosing the first photo that comes up for each and saving it to a google doc presentation or pdf.


Then you basically have an instant powerpoint presentation that usages images to tell your story and still fills your 'hip' factor!



Where did the name come from?

At first I was calling it Instant PowerPoint.  And that made me think of Ramen noodles (see naming conventions of SuperHappy Chicken!) So from there I figured why not just call it PowerPoint Ramen :)  



People Involved:

  • Vinnie Lauria @vlauria (added the idea, but if anybody builds it, credit needs to goto @emtrane who mentioned this offhand idea to me many, many, years ago)
  • Interested in hacking it up?  [please add your name below]



Comments (1)

bhoga said

at 11:23 am on May 11, 2011

This is interesting. Would be great if this is done slide by slide via twitter.

Follow @pptramen on twitter . The service will autofollow you .
Now DM "Start" to @pptramen # A new ppt is started
Send the heading for each slide as a separate DM #The service adds a new slide to the ppt and posts an image to it
DM "STOP" #You get sent the link to the online ppt via Twitter

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