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App against App

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Web App Rivals

Every Web App enters the ring... only one shall exit (per month).  



Now, everyone is making a startup.  But how does your startup compete?


1) You Enter The Site


2) You Submit Your Site Domain, Your Google Analytics account, and an Angry Picture of Yourself(s)


3) Somewhere in the next few hours, you will be matched with a similar Web App of a similar userbase and growth rate.


4) Every week you get an email showing how well you're doing against this rival application.


5) Each Month the top app on the entire site gets sent of victorious, to great fanfare & bonus offers.  The other matches get switched accordingly.


May the Best Apps Win

Comments (2)

Calvin Cheng said

at 8:29 am on May 9, 2011

Great idea! Would love to work on this. Would you be open to using Python/Django?

Ozzie Gooen said

at 3:01 pm on May 10, 2011

I know some Python, but haven't worked with Django yet (so far, just Rails). I can do the CSS/design though, and see how much I can learn in the short time.

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