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Is Monday the worst day of your life?

If you are an office worker, and hate doing what you are doing, are you able to quit while having many commitments in life?

Are you a freelancer who has client refuse to pay you? and haven't watched FUCK YOU PAY ME!

Are you a developers who is looking for a designer that gives a shit about user experience?

Do you prefer to use a Mac over Windows?

Are you a good digital project manager from a big ass agency that hates the suit?

Do you prefer indie music over top 10 radio hits?

Do you want to signup a freelance job site for FREE?

Do you hate paying for everything, but want to be paid for everything?

Are you an experienced freelancer who want to share your story with others?

Do big companies pay for value or just the cheapest person? How can you sell for value?

..... guys, there is one thing you need to know:






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