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Something Beautiful Today

Page history last edited by Dow Osage 8 years, 9 months ago


In our daily grind, we tend to forget all the small things that make us happy... perhaps a small flower, a smiling baby, a beautiful girl, bottle of beer, good food, colorful sunset :)



A mobile app that you use to click a photo of something beautiful, something that makes you happy, something that motivates you etc... everyday and share... that is it, click and share.


That way you can see what makes other people happy and realize that it is usually the common things that you already have... so life does not suck after all... you just need to change the way you look at things.


All these photos would get published to Flickr for storage and Twitter for sharing. 
It can also have reminders/schedulers etc for reminding the people to click something beautiful today. 


This is super simple to hack and can be developed in a few hours (hopefully)


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