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Page history last edited by Dow Osage 4 years, 9 months ago

Ever went on a travel with no or unreliable Internet to access the Google Maps on the go? I sure did and I wished I had cached that particular area in the Google Maps with that particular magnification!


Instamap hopes to create maps for our use on the go with just 2 steps! (1) Select the area coordinates (2) select the magnification. And voila! You can now put this newly created pdf map in dropbox/evernote and sync them/store them for offline use anywhere you travel!


For a little more punch and if we have the time, we can build some other features (suggestions from my friends too! ) :

  1. Anyone to add notes to this map, so that by the time we travel we will have some ideas & tips from our friends too
  2. comment/notes per region should have an API, so later people can extend it to other platforms. --> thanks Shiv!


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Martin Brochhaus said

at 10:29 am on May 11, 2011

At least for Android there are solutions forthis: http://www.mapdroyd.com/

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