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Hacker Places


List of geek friendly spaces, coffee shops, and hotels in asia. 


Places geeks like to hang out and cool resorts or hotels where there is good free internet. Places you can meet cool people and places you can get work done online. 


Each place will include information on the internet speed and quality. This might not be so important in SG where you have fast 3G but on an island in Thailand finding a good connection can be tricky. Many places claim to have internet but if its so poor you cannot SSH then its not geek friendly. 




1) Make a google spreadsheet and form for people to submit cool places.


2) Register the domain and do the standard setup tasks such as dns, google apps, twitter, etc. I'm going to do this using DASH my primary project. This is a good opportunity to test the system and fix bugs. 


3) Build a really simple site which pulls the info from the spreadsheet.


Phase 1 done









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