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simple task manager for open-sTeam

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open-sTeam is a collaboration platform that has a very generic design and allows custom programmability with little code. my goal is to use it as a basis for various small business applications, such as a task manager.


to implement a task manager we need:

  • an interface to create new tasks 
  • present tasks and state in a list 
  • track hours 
  • the ability to efficiently update hours. (edit hours in place in a task list without opening the task first) 
  • track task status  
  • hide completed tasks
  • create tasks by email 
  • show comments on task view
  • show task details in email
  • track hours of subtasks 


the following features are already provided by sTeam:

  • add comments 
  • manually order tasks 
  • move tasks around 
  • set permissions for who can make changes or comments  
  • send emails to add comments (each task has an email address) 
  • track changes to attachments 
  • view task list in email client (via imap) 


by implementing each task as a folder we also get

  • adding attachments to tasks 
  • create subtasks 


implementation was done on  http://societyserver.org/

in the meantime the project morphed into a distributed email based task manager.


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