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SHDHSG1 - Completed Projects and Lightning Talks

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When all the dust has settled, here is a list of the exciting projects people have worked on and some of the lightning talks. [Florian Cornu pictured]


Be sure to also read Post Event shdhsg1 Notes and see the sghdhsg1 blog, twitter, and photo links.


SHDH.SG #1 Lightning Talks


Lightning Talks Round #2 (7am)

  • MovieMapR.com - Local movie finding app to find what movie is playing next and near you [Florian Cornu]
  • Cookiejar on facebook, it's like napster in facebook! [@angadsg]
  • Singapore places android app shows geeky places and takes ya to their street level view. 
  • 2nd talk on more development after feedback on The Order of Awesomeness
  • Stop-Motion image capture on iPhone by [Michael Cheng




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